What Motivates You?

Are you ready to build sustainability into your life? Get started here with these various tools that will help guide you down your personalized sustainability journey. Below you will find a round-up of the various Value Drivers that are detailed in Kate’s book Planting a Seed. Print out the Value Driver PDF to remind you which one or ones most align with your personal sensibilities. You can also find a starter list of sustainability measures by Value Driver that you can customize to fit your preferences and needs. Lastly, if you know what Impact Categories you want to focus on and specific sustainability measures to take, print out the (various) Worksheets of Sustainability Measures by Impact Category and build your sustainability action plan today! All forms are editable and printable.


Learn about the values you hold and align them with the sustainability measures that reinforce those values.


Take this form as a starter list and add or replace the items that align best with your values.


From 8 different categories, list measures you can take in each area.
Challenge yourself!


Chart your course with specific steps in each category from small to large effort needed.


The final step to success is to set your goals. Write them down and keep them displayed.

Your Sustainability Guide

Learn how you fit into the global picture and investigate what changes work best for you. Chart your way toward a greener future by finding the sustainability path that feels just right.

Digital Sustainability Tips

The Sustainability Box Set contains 60 cards, 5 Drivers and a wood stand to give you actual inspiration and practical steps to take towards a more sustainable life. The box set is the perfect complement to the book.  

The box set is the perfect complement to the book and makes a great gift!

Instant Gratification

This digital download contains the same cards as the box set and you can receive it instantly. Just print them out and start taking action immediately.