"Kate lays out an action plan for individuals and communities to engage on climate change, and compelling profiles of empowerment and leadership provide motivation and inspiration. Kate shows us why it’s important to care about community both near and far, and how working together can equate to meaningful change."

Megan Ponder,
Peak Plastic Foundation

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The Book
Get all the details about my new book “Planting A Seed” and order it now!
Tips Check-out measures you can implement today. Take a peek at the newly designed sustainability tips box set and more!
SustainAbility Quiz How sustainable are you? Take this fun quiz to see what areas you are thriving in, and where you can improve.
Workshops Learn more about our personal enrichment and sustainability engagement workshops that run monthly and join us!
tools Find checklists, personal action plans, and sustainability tools to keep you focused and inspired.
Get Active Get involved in climate action both locally and nationally. Let your voice be heard!
Meet Kate Learn more about Kate, and contact her for speaking engagements.
Business Circularity Kate Gaertner is Founder & CEO of TripleWinAdvisory, a Sustainability Consultancy.

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