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The science on climate change is in, and its impacts are being felt around the globe. It’s time for every one of us to start finding a new way of living, working, and moving around our planet. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t have to feel like a sacrifice. By understanding how you fit into the global picture, and investigating what changes work best for you, you can soften your impact on the planet in as many areas of your life that feel right and work for you. It just takes some planning, some action, and some practice.

In Planting a Seed, corporate sustainability expert Kate Gaertner shows you how to develop an action plan that will help you develop new habits and ways of living that fit into your daily life. You’ll gain greater insight into how you are personally connected to the larger ecosystems and environmental issues, and start discovering and embracing your values every day through your actions, commitments, and purchases.

You’ll learn about the six impact categories where your actions can be felt, and customize an adaptation plan that builds from where you are. Offering ideas for sustainability at a small, medium, and large level, Kate shows that living lightly can also mean living well. Accessible and lively, Planting a Seed charts a way toward a greener future by encouraging each of us to find the sustainability path that feels just right.

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"Now it's personal. Individuals are stewards of sustainable change. In her uplifting book, Kate Gaertner provides the knowledge, tools, and easy-to-adopt frameworks for lowering environmental impact in all parts of one's life"
-- Dan Kalafatas, Co-founder and Chairman of 3Degrees
"Kate lays out an action plan for individuals and communities to engage on climate change, and compelling profiles of empowerment and leadership provide motivation and inspiration. Kate shows us why it’s important to care about community both near and far, and how working together can equate to meaningful change."
-- Megan Ponder, Peak Plastic Foundation
"Kate Gaertner explains how each of us can – must – work to reverse global warming. She reminds me of Body Shop co-founder Anita Roddick, who contrasted the pessimism of the thought with the optimism of the action. It’s time for optimisim and action."
-- John Elkington, Father of Corporate Sustainability
"Planting a Seed is a compelling read, lively and fun, with relatable stories and metaphors that simplify otherwise complicated concepts. Kate Gaertner makes sustainable actions accessible to everyone. Buy this book!"
-- Gregg Semler, CEO of InPipe Energy

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The Sustainability Box Set contains 60 cards, 5 Drivers and a wood stand to give you actual inspiration and practical steps to take towards a more sustainable life. The box set is the perfect complement to the book.
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