About the Faces of Climate Change

The I in Climate Change is a campaign with a national imperative that seeks to amplify messaging around the need for individuals to take action to mitigate the impacts of climate change. The Faces of Climate Change is a media-driven project that uses the medium of social media to “get the word out” about climate change, its impacts, and people’s concerns and desire for action.

The main intention is to effect climate action in others.

Our team seeks to collaborate with local and national organizations across the United States to help amplify compelling messages of people taking action and asking policymakers to take global warming seriously. Some of those organizations include Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project and the Oregon Environmental Council (OEC). This is a campaign of action that was started in honor of the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day (April 22, 2020).

We seek to video-record individuals speaking out on their concern of climate change, actions they are taking, and their asks of legislatures and policymakers to set new policy in support of climate change mitigation. The Faces of Climate Change desires to show a democratized “face” of climate change, one that cuts across age, race, religious affiliation, political-leaning, and income levels. The project team truly understands that climate change is the ultimate leveler: every individual has been or will be impacted by global warming regardless of the differentiated attributes cited above. Individually-recorded videos, guided by a standard “ask” script, will be aggregated into a compelling national social media campaign, reinforced by staged meet-ups across the U.S.

The Faces of Climate Change is a collaborative effort between many individuals including:


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