It’s OK. We’ve set a beginning and end date to the 11-module course mainly, to encourage participants to finish the course and kick-off their personal sustainability journeys. But, if you get busy or fall behind, you have lifetime access to the course you purchased. Remember: it’s an investment in sustainability and you!

Totally understandable. We also offer individuals the ability to purchase one-off modules of their choosing. You can learn more about and buy those individual modules (think of them as stand-alone specific subject-matter courses) in the a la carte section here.

No, no you don’t. You will have lifetime access to the course content. You will also have lifetime access to the Cultivate Your Sustainable Life Community Group of active course participants and course alumni members.
Yes! This is a big part of the course: learning from others and leveraging their perspectives and experiences. Individual action is important and meaningful but collective action is powerful!
No academic credentials are necessary. What is required? Bringing an open, curious mind and a willingness to learn.
We’ve designed the course to be accessible to most everyone. We don’t want it to be too burdensome but we did design it to offer comprehensive learning on topics. Each week you should expect to dedicate 1-3 hours to complete each of the 11 modules and one additional hour to finish pre-work that is assigned to you before each new module. You should expect to dedicate approximately 35 hours total to the 11-week course.

Good question!

  • You get access to the Cultivate course content…for your lifetime
  • Membership to the Cultivate Your Sustainable Life Community Group
  • A copy of Kate Gaertner’s award-winning book, Planting a Seed, 3 simple steps to sustainable living
  • Full access to Kate’s digital database of over 250 sustainability measures grouped by impact category, value driver, and size of impact
  • A host of worksheets to build your own, customized sustainability plan